Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Top Photo Apps for iPhone/ part: FREE!

For a very long time I've been in search of the perfect apps for editing photos. I love to take pictures and love to try and turn them in to works of art whenever possible. For this you must have awesome apps...below are my favourites! I rarely go a week without using each of these apps.

This is one of my faves because of all the filters...they are truly amazing! I love the sketch, toon, and emboss filters are my favorite! There are also some really cool light fx, like bokeh, that can enhance some pictures as well. The last thing I love about this app are the frames. The only bummer is the frames don't translate well onto Instagram so I rarely use them. Hopefully they can fix this in the future!

When I was running my Beachbody business this app was essential. I would need to take photos during my workout and this was the best free one I found. It allows you to take multiple photos (up to 10) and allows you to take them anywhere from 3 seconds apart to 3 minutes apart! Seriously, I think the best photo timer app out there. 

I often will take a series of pictures then make a collage with one of the two following apps....

Lots of different frames: they have different shaped frames for single photos, even some different shapes for multiple photos, and of course lots for creating collages. Once you create your collage you can add filters and text. I use this one constantly. All collages I have shared from here to Instagram transfer over perfectly with no issues.

This is a super fun app because you can make photo and/or video collages! When putting together a video collage it will allow you to play the videos together or at different times and speed them up or slow them down! Super cool, I think. They also have several cute frames available, background colors, and of course you can add text. This one translates really well with all features to Instagram.

Here are some pictures I have edited with the apps:

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